This website is my online home. It’s where you can find things I’ve written, designed, or otherwise helped to develop. I’m interested in technology, usability, and the ways in which these things interact with the world of libraries and other information resources. I want to make sure that people seeking information not only have access to the best quality and most usable forms of information, but also that these people learn how turn their own critical eye to the sources of information they choose.

To help achieve these goals, I’m currently a student in the Masters of Science in Information (MSI) program at University of Michigan’s School of Information (SI). At SI, I’ve had a chance to work and study with the most diverse group of scholars I could have ever imagined. The MSI program brings together people from all over the world and from myriad disciplines with the singular goal of “connecting people, information, and technology in more valuable ways.” With this focus, I hope to find work, post-graduation, in an academic or special library that will give me the chance to continue connecting people with the information and technology they seek.

Check out the links along the top navigation bar of this site to get a better idea of some of the work I’ve done – if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop me a line at rkclement@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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